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Father of the Groom Speech Inspiration

Writing the father of the groom speech is great and it’s a true honor, but we are often confronted with the reality: we lack the inspiration for it. Did you ever feel something like “now is my moment” or something that told you “I can do it right now, it will only take 20 minutes”, but then when you actually started writing, you had no clue after 2-3 sentences? So, as described here – situations like that often happened to fathers, and mothers too.

Which are the best sources to be inspired? Is it necessarily by reading something from some source, or is it social interaction? Let’s find out!

What was wrong before can tell you what is right from now!

If you study former wedding speeches, especially ones that were failed, then you will have ideas about how to handle a new father of the groom speech. There are typical mistakes such as:

  • Certain jokes are wrong. You can’t just use any joke crossing your mind, for a real father of the groom speech. Things like that never work! So, it’s better if you know the right jokes!
  • Expressing feelings in exaggeration will always ruin a speech. We all have emotions, and when a wedding is coming, we all have even more of them. Still, these emotions can influence us negatively by not allowing ideas to flow, body to relax and therefore ruining the first impressions made. So, how can you handle this? While you will have many emotions, don’t show them so much! You can say a word or two, but don’t keep speaking about how you feel now. Focus on the couple instead – it’s their wedding.
  • Too short speeches aren’t enough. Some people thought a wedding speech is only a “hi folks” and a “let’s toast now”. No, it’s never enough! If you don’t speak for at least 2-3 minutes, which means speaking also about other topics than a greeting and a toast proposal, then your speech is short. A short speech, in this context is wrong! However, 2-3 minutes of well-organized speaking is just about right.
  • Long stories make the guests become bored. If you begin relating an entire curriculum, such as every moment from the birth of your son until today, people won’t even care about that. They didn’t come to hear just how great your son is, and how many past jobs, past girlfriends and past cars or rental apartments he had. The people who honored the couple by coming and attending the wedding are interested in the love story and in the decisions that the couple made before they finally got married. So, by knowing this, you can focus on speaking about the essence instead of speaking about every single matter running through your head.
  • Shaky voice – don’t attempt it! When you speak and you give your father of the groom speech, if you’d have a shaky voice, people would think you are weak, coward and they won’t even listen to your words, not even if you had a great speech. Instead, you need to speak with a confident voice, showing everyone that you have a father’s attitude and you are confident enough to speak about the wedding and the couple’s lives. As long as you show it, people will believe you.
  • Confused or random body movements. Many speakers have great speeches, but still their body movements are awkward, random and not in any way connected to the actual message. In addition, if you don’t have precise body movements or let’s better say controlled body movements, you might even distract yourself from transmitting the message. So, you need to be in control, be relaxed and speak accordingly with precise body movements as needed.


Father of the Groom Wedding Speech Tips

So, the big day is now approaching and you are about to write and present your father of the groom speech. It is always great if you have some ideas in your mind, but it is even better if you have some new tips, actual ideas that are useful in the process. People are looking forward to things that would connect with them, mostly information that are of their interest. It’s pretty hard to estimate what that is in every situation, but there are ideas to assist in your decisions.

Know the guests as much as possible

The first thing you want to do, as the father of the groom, is to know people as much as possible. It’s not entirely possible to meet everyone who is going to join the wedding, but it’s fairly simple to find out basics about everyone, if not more, then at least whose friends or relatives they are.

Knowing the guests also means you get to know their preferences. The more you know about their preferred things, the easier it will be for you to make sure that the right father of the groom speech will be written and it won’t offend people. Of course, most of the guests will be known through your wife or through your son, and the bride. There are probably many guests who you don’t know that well personally, but your relatives might know them way better than you do. So, it’s not your fault if you don’t know enough information and then you decide to ask and find out. More

Handle the Groom’s Father Speech Structure Like a Pro

You can always make a difference in life: you can either be that average person, who does everything like other people do, or you can become a professional, like a person who is so creative that nobody else would be able to do the same or to handle as much creativity as you do.

A groom’s father speech structure is pretty standard, nothing too complicated to understand. Still, it makes a huge difference whether you are able to comprehend and apply the content to the structure, or having content with no good organizing or structure. I assume we’re all looking forward to the right structure and organization within the speech text, making sure that it’s all well settled and arranged in advance. I will now reveal some useful descriptions, so that you can handle the groom’s father speech structure like a real pro!

Introducing the speech

grooms father speechYou will always need to introduce a wedding speech. There is no second option to that. If you want to skip introduction, you are pre-destined to fail with the wedding speech. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether you want the right introduction or cause boredom from the first seconds. You see, the first moment you open your mouth to speak for the introduction, people are paying attention. Whether they will enjoy the speech or not – mostly stands within the first 30 seconds, which is the intro.

So, how do you make sure people will still want to hear you out? First of all, don’t make up an introduction made for yourself. Remember that the introduction is for your son and the guests, and the only detail about you is that you are the groom’s father. If you feel it’s right, you can also begin by telling a joke, because that makes it all easier for the guests to receive. More

Father of the Groom Speech Ideas

Writing a great father of the groom speech will be achieved by any father, who dedicated himself to writing based on some appropriate ideas. You can always find new ideas, if you dedicate some time for it. However, some ideas aren’t at all new, because in some things you will just have to return to the basics or to the obvious things you’ve considered as “oh, if I do this or that, I am not successful, because it has nothing to do with my speech”. This was the idea that almost ruined my father of the groom speech. And why could this happen, one may ask? The reason is as simple as the question is. The only real reason for such things to conquer your mind is that people have learned to think complicatedly up to a level that now thinking simply almost seems stupid.

Groom’s Father Speech Ideas from the past decades

Yes, this is probably the part you were afraid of, the return to the basics of what the father of the groom speech really is. This part involves talking with parents, grandparents and generally older people. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to ask them if they agree to the wedding customs we have today or if they agree with this or that. You should rather try finding out how they spoke when their wedding speeches were told. I am pretty sure that every family, be it poor, average or rich, but every family has people who lived other decades when these speeches were probably better known than they are today.

groom's father speechNot every single idea would work, so you’d better simply listen and take notes. Then, from your notes, you will be able to finally decide whether the ideas are usable or not. Your decision should only be influenced by your guests and family members. Learn to stay open-minded, because that is what you need for a great father of the groom speech. Being rigid and believing that your very own conceptions and ideas are the only good ones will only cause a lot of harm.

Taking notes is more than crucial in such cases. You can’t really expect everyone to tell you lovely ideas or things that you will be able to agree with from the first minute. There will be awesome ideas, boring stories and whatever. But, the wisdom of this is that you can always take notes.

Then, these notes will turn out to be of great help later. This is because all of what you have once noted will be of assistance when you want to “filter” the knowledge you feel you’ve gained this far. Maybe some of the notes might seem so lame or poor at the moment, maybe some notes might seem to you as ones that have no real purpose or meaning, but don’t rush in throwing the paper away or deleting the files. Always keep the calm and the patience and only get rid of this or that once you are completely sure about how it is not required anymore. Trust me: the calmer you are (the calmer you can be) in a certain situation, the better it is for you later. Calmness will also be a great exercise for the wedding speech! More

Details Make the Groom’s Father Wedding Speech Perfect

It is always about details with every single groom’s father wedding speech. If you can’t focus enough on details, you will easily be lost. In this article, I will try to present various smaller or larger details, all of them essential for the best of your preparations. Maybe some details will seem meaningless or not too important to be taken into consideration, but you can read further on, because I guarantee that most of the details will be interesting and captivating, but also useful for what you are looking for.

The suit man

Yes, a detail (among many others) is the suit. As the father of the groom, you can’t be dressed like you’ve just arrived from a golf game. No sir, that won’t work. However, if you have the perfect suit, you will have an amazing appearance, even better than you expected at first. But which is the perfect suit? How do you know it matches the wedding occasion and your personality?

Let’s list the few and very important characteristics of a great suit:

  1. The price
  2. The color
  3. Style
  4. Matching with your personality and appearance

The price is obviously the first item on the list. For a wedding, generally, especially if it’s your son’s wedding, you will spend some more money. However, this more money doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. If you are paying enough attention and if you are detail-oriented enough, then you will soon find out that there are ways (plenty of them actually) to save money.Outlets, for example, are great places to find suits sometimes. These are brand new clothes, it’s just that instead of being in the central locations of malls and agglomerated cities, they are a bit “far” away. However, lately, outlets started to appear very close, in some city centers as well. Other than that, there are rentals. I mean, seriously. Who would tell you to buy a suit and not rent it?

Then, the color is very important. It should only be a specific color if it matches the wedding theme. For example, a Hawaii topic wedding wouldn’t go well with a black suit, but a green suit or white suit would work wonders for the Hawaii style. Similarly to this funny example, there are colors and colors – all made for different occasions. All you need to do is pay attention and make your choice accordingly.

Styles are highly debatable. First of all, there is a certain style, which is trending currently. It is for the best of everyone that you will accept and apply that particular style. It is never good to go with other things, with other styles, because you shouldn’t be the old fashioned speaker. After all, the father of the groom speech is an important moment! More

Presenting the Father of the Groom Speech

When deciding to present your father of the groom speech, you must be really dedicated to what you are doing. It is easy to be dedicated, especially if you have the common sense to understand, from your entire heart, that all of what you are doing is for your son, his love and the family members. Of course, it’s also for the guests, but the main focus is always family. After all, being a part of your own family, you naturally can know that you are doing this for yourself as well.

Know, the art of presenting wedding speeches is more than a simple art. I mean, you need so much dedication, time and efforts invested. Can it be done without such things? Yes, it can be done, but it will definitely be a lot harder. Does that need to scare you off? No, it should rather motivate you to handle it in an amazing way, to make sure all of it will be perfect.

Preparations from the first moment – other than the speech itself

In order to make sure that your father of the groom speech is on the way in a perfect plan, you must make sure that the field is ready. What I actually mean by preparing the field is that you should really make sure that there is nothing, no impediment to stand between your free time and the actual writing, editing and practicing of the speech. It’s all as simple as that. But what are the obstacles?

Destructive second opinions

There are always second opinions with wedding preparations, including your personal father of the groom wedding speech. Some people would do anything, just to make sure that you will let them speak and let them say something, decide something instead of you or simply convince you to change your first decisions. Now, it is good to stay open minded and to realize that there are a whole lot of advices that are going to be highly constructive. Still, in the same way constructivism is coming your way via some people, destructive ideas will also come. But who is the one able to decide about what to respect and what to forget? It’s definitely you!

There is a key to finding out whether it’s a destructive second opinion or not. Do you know that “funny feeling” you often get in a wide variety of situations? Isn’t it that many of these situations later turned out to be real situations with gravity and just because you have ignored that feeling you were lead to choose the wrong path, making the wrong decisions? This has happened to all of us. These are called nothing more than instincts. Our instincts are most of the time unexplainable, but still very accurate. If you sense it, listen to it. Other than that, there are situations when simple logic will reveal what you should do or what you should refuse doing. It’s also about your decisions, your mentality and the knowledge of how your family is. More