Details Make the Groom’s Father Wedding Speech Perfect

It is always about details with every single groom’s father wedding speech. If you can’t focus enough on details, you will easily be lost. In this article, I will try to present various smaller or larger details, all of them essential for the best of your preparations. Maybe some details will seem meaningless or not too important to be taken into consideration, but you can read further on, because I guarantee that most of the details will be interesting and captivating, but also useful for what you are looking for.

The suit man

Yes, a detail (among many others) is the suit. As the father of the groom, you can’t be dressed like you’ve just arrived from a golf game. No sir, that won’t work. However, if you have the perfect suit, you will have an amazing appearance, even better than you expected at first. But which is the perfect suit? How do you know it matches the wedding occasion and your personality?

Let’s list the few and very important characteristics of a great suit:

  1. The price
  2. The color
  3. Style
  4. Matching with your personality and appearance

The price is obviously the first item on the list. For a wedding, generally, especially if it’s your son’s wedding, you will spend some more money. However, this more money doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. If you are paying enough attention and if you are detail-oriented enough, then you will soon find out that there are ways (plenty of them actually) to save money.Outlets, for example, are great places to find suits sometimes. These are brand new clothes, it’s just that instead of being in the central locations of malls and agglomerated cities, they are a bit “far” away. However, lately, outlets started to appear very close, in some city centers as well. Other than that, there are rentals. I mean, seriously. Who would tell you to buy a suit and not rent it?

Then, the color is very important. It should only be a specific color if it matches the wedding theme. For example, a Hawaii topic wedding wouldn’t go well with a black suit, but a green suit or white suit would work wonders for the Hawaii style. Similarly to this funny example, there are colors and colors – all made for different occasions. All you need to do is pay attention and make your choice accordingly.

Styles are highly debatable. First of all, there is a certain style, which is trending currently. It is for the best of everyone that you will accept and apply that particular style. It is never good to go with other things, with other styles, because you shouldn’t be the old fashioned speaker. After all, the father of the groom speech is an important moment!

Then, matching the suit with your personality, with your appearance – now that is something even more important. I mean, it is quite easy to make the perfect choice on price, color and style and then ruin everything by missing the part that is supposed to assure a personality and appearance match. How to make sure it all matches? The best help is from family members, from magazines, from online blogs. There are so many places that can advise you, it’s just too much to list here.

Elite father of the groom speech words

There are many fathers, who never seemed to understand why it is important to choose the proper words for the groom’s father speech. They were either neglecting things or being bored enough to say that they don’t have enough time to be picky on words. Such thoughts are really wrong, worse than you would ever think.

It is probably not always easy to explain how elite words are chosen for the father of the groom speech. Well, first of all, what you can do is read around blogs, internet forums and many other places to find out how these speeches are written and told. From there, you will probably get a great sense of how others had spoken. By such ideas, you will instantly have own ideas, imagination, thoughts and strategies on how to pick your own words. If you do that, then you will simply end up being a winner. Simple, isn’t it?

However, I obviously know that many fathers would like to select their own words, but still make sure of having some elite words and elite phrases at hand. What to do in these cases? The situation is quite simple and the same goes for the solution. All you need to do is keep calm and patience and let the words and time work the magic for you. Take notes and have multiple draft ideas prepared. Then, just go to a different place and start reading magazines, books and poetry. I guess it won’t take you too many days to realize that expressing feelings and thoughts strongly, with the help of words is all about how you think and how you can play with the words. After all, if you read a text and then you can say something like “I couldn’t have possibly made this idea any clearer”, then it means you’ve just read a text of impact and of great attitude. This is actually what a father of the groom speech really needs!

Exercising body language

Exercising your father of the groom speech body language is probably not a really simple part. You see, people have a huge sense of body language and, unfortunately, many of us have used this form of expression in all the possible wrong ways. This is not good, because with the occasion of your wedding speech, people will sense such mistakes even if they wouldn’t dare admit it to you. What happens is that sometimes we have an idea, an opinion about someone we don’t know. We don’t really understand where the opinion came from, we just know it is there. So what happens actually and what causes such opinions to appear out of the blue? The explanations are very simple. All of what might happen is that you see someone speaking, walking, shopping or sitting. That person unavoidably has a certain expression of his or her body language. Then, by seeing and understanding (subconsciously) that some things have been “told”, you form an opinion.

What are the main and most important parts of the body language, especially with your father of the groom speech? Watch out for your: eyes, hands, legs, head, face.

Eyes will mirror your emotions and real feelings. If you have nasty thoughts or anger or any other weird feelings, you will definitely transmit some of that with the simple look of your eyes. So, it is really important to act naturally, concerning your eyes. That means you shouldn’t stare to someone and it also means you shouldn’t just fix your eyes on the ceiling or the floor. But what do look at then? You can look at different people, objects, but make it all look as natural as possible. Don’t switch from a point to another too quickly and don’t act confused.

The hands are like alien objects sometimes, especially during wedding speeches. This is why the body language can easily be distorted if you don’t watch out for your hands and the gestures you will undergo with them. For example, you might be speaking about something that is embarrassing and then, without noticing, you will hold your own hands together or cross your fingers. Maybe 20 people won’t see it? That’s true but what if another 50 will see it? Do you think they will simply look over this slight detail, thinking and assuming that it was a coincidence? Actually, this is how people will form secret opinions, thinking and convincing each other about your confusion.

There are so many professional speakers, who seem to have no problems with handling hand gestures, hand positions and things like that. What is so superb about these people? Have they been taught about the secrets of hand positions during speeches? No, some of them naturally have it and others learned. However, in the case of amateurs, what I can recommend is holding objects in your hands. You can hold your glasses, champagne or anything like that. Just make sure to watch some videos and see what the doable things are with the hands, during wedding speeches.

The idea of the legs is that you shouldn’t be stiff, but you shouldn’t move around too much either. The ideal attitude is somewhere between these two extremes. How to go about it? It’s completely up to you, but again movies and other video materials will be more than helpful.

Now, the head is also a part of your body that can transmit some unwanted messages to the family members and guests as well. If you hold your head in a weird way, you might tell people (by body language) that you are freaked out, stressed, sick, confused, mental or things like that. Those things are like totally undesirable, aren’t they? So, this is why the details are so important.

And last but not least there are certain facial expressions. If you have gestures that aren’t suitable for the father of the groom speech, you will certainly transmit some of the worst messages. So, the correct attitude is to be relaxed, joyful and let people see how you can handle things, how you are confident, how you have dedicated time and prepared for that particular day and moment.

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