Handle the Groom’s Father Speech Structure Like a Pro

You can always make a difference in life: you can either be that average person, who does everything like other people do, or you can become a professional, like a person who is so creative that nobody else would be able to do the same or to handle as much creativity as you do.

A groom’s father speech structure is pretty standard, nothing too complicated to understand. Still, it makes a huge difference whether you are able to comprehend and apply the content to the structure, or having content with no good organizing or structure. I assume we’re all looking forward to the right structure and organization within the speech text, making sure that it’s all well settled and arranged in advance. I will now reveal some useful descriptions, so that you can handle the groom’s father speech structure like a real pro!

Introducing the speech

grooms father speechYou will always need to introduce a wedding speech. There is no second option to that. If you want to skip introduction, you are pre-destined to fail with the wedding speech. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether you want the right introduction or cause boredom from the first seconds. You see, the first moment you open your mouth to speak for the introduction, people are paying attention. Whether they will enjoy the speech or not – mostly stands within the first 30 seconds, which is the intro.

So, how do you make sure people will still want to hear you out? First of all, don’t make up an introduction made for yourself. Remember that the introduction is for your son and the guests, and the only detail about you is that you are the groom’s father. If you feel it’s right, you can also begin by telling a joke, because that makes it all easier for the guests to receive.

The groom’s part – keep focus on him

This is mostly the part you are waiting for, because it is the part in which things are about your son. Yes, you can take some time and make sure you are talking about him, like a brief intro on his childhood and then about his loved one. Don’t begin by writing up a CV-like introduction. After all, the wedding is a celebration and not an interview, so people don’t really need to know about his past jobs and education.

Obviously, mentioning previous relationships your son had – and which obviously failed – is the worst possible idea. Some fathers assumed that such information would make people think like “so cool he gave up on those wrong ladies”, but in reality it’s really embarrassing for everyone, including you. So, it is best to keep it all about the present and the future.

You can mention how your son met the bride and how it all evolved into what they see today. There must’ve been some critical moments in their lives and those things made them say a big yes for marriage. Remember: even if you have something against the bride, you shouldn’t mention it. Conflicts and misunderstandings must be settled when you are family members gathered at home, but never in front of other people.

Also, make sure that you don’t share any details your son wouldn’t like to hear during your speech. A groom’s father speech must respect all people involved, and it’s not all about how you intended or imagined handling things. First of all, it’s for the young lovers and the fact that they have chosen you to speak is not something unique, it’s tradition. In other words, you have no special credits for speaking, but the real credits you can earn are by showing everyone how you can offer selfless support and love.

Don’t leave the bride out

Forgetting about the bride would be a terrible mistake and unfortunately it’s one of the most frequently encountered mistakes within groom’s father wedding speeches. Just a fact such as “I don’t know enough details about her” is not an excuse. Even if you don’t know her well enough, you had a lot of time to gather information or to ask your wife or your son to help you out with this part.

The bride will also pay more attention to you if you talk about her as well. If you are a bit confused, you can also talk about them as a couple instead of taking the bride only. It is not a shame if you talk about them together, because at least you paid attention to the bride as well.

Also, when you talk about her, you need to show everyone that she is now as your new daughter, a part of your family. As the groom’s father, you need to show this love and support, because if the bride’s parents will welcome the groom in their family while you don’t do the same for the bride, it’s all a nasty and shameful situation which will have consequences in the future. It’s also something you should do for the future of your family and for the children they are going to have. After all, as a grandpa, you will need to make sure you can take care of the kids and they can get to hang out with you sometime.

As far as the length goes, if you talk 3 minutes for your son and 1 minute for your daughter-in-law, it’s not fair. After all, the marriage is a bond between the two of them, and wouldn’t stand still if it would only be centered on your son. So, you need to give the same attention to her as you gave to him. This will also show her family and the guests that you know how to be a fair person and that you truly support this lovely couple.

If you don’t convince people, indirectly, so that they accept the fact that you care and provide support, it is later hard or impossible to prove these things ever again.

Words of wisdom or messages via quotes

People have different opinions when it comes to these details. Some fathers believe it’s best to give words of advice directly to show the wisdom of the elderly, while others believe that quotes will do great. It’s not a fixed rule to do either of these, and you can also be creative. Still, in most cases, fathers would choose between these.

If you choose advices, make sure you don’t force your truth to be accepted. If they agree, it’s okay, but if not then you need to stop saying the same things all over again. You need to be open-minded and realize what’s well received and what’s not okay to be mentioned. On the other hand, if quotes are your case, then you need the ones suitable. If you have rough or inappropriate quotes, people might get the message in a completely different and wrong way. This is dangerous, so think twice: which quote would truly express the message you want to give out?

Toasting – the final part of your speech

The groom’s father speech structure ends with a toast, such as every other wedding speech. The toast proposal should be personal and not like a template. There are some templates or ideas on the internet or in books, but it’s way better to come up with an own version of it. You can always be creative and let your heart pour out the words. People will appreciate your personal message way better.

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